Friday, June 02, 2006

Top Ten from San Diego - Part II

7. San Diego Zoo - This was something that I'd wanted to do since I watched Captain Kangaroo visit the zoo or at least have clips from the zoo on his show. It was a very large zoo with many animals that you won't see many other places. One of the neatest exhibits was seeing the pandas...I love pandas and seeing the baby ones was a real treat. It's a definite fun day for all ages.

6. The Pacific Ocean - Now I've seen most all of the bodies of water that surround our country. The Atlantic Ocean is one that I have probably seen the most because of where we live. It's pretty especially when you look at the horizon and the sky meets the water. The Pacific Ocean where we were was gorgeous too...especially the cliffs against the water. This picture was taken by the water...when we visited number 5 on my list.

5. La Jolla - This area of San Diego is sometimes referred to as the Beverly Hills of San Diego. It's very pretty...but one of the neatest places is this little beach that originally was supposed to be a children's beach, but a colony of seals had taken over so the beach was unable to be used by children and families. It does make for some interesting seal sightings, though. The females are the darker colored seals and the bull is the one that looks kinda like a pile of sand in font of the other seals. If you have the chance, it's a neat thing to see.