Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back from Annual Conference

We just, well a few hours ago, got back from Annual Conference. There were a few votes that turned out not as I had hoped, but the conference went pretty well all in all. I gave my second report of the nominating committee and I think that went pretty well.

The highlight, though, of the conference came yesterday morning. Each year our conference honors those who are retiring on Saturday morning. As part of that service, the retirees are presented with a gift. The past two years at least (I didn't pay much attention before) the gifts for the retirees have been made by the children attending Children's Conference. This year since our son is in the 5 year old class, he helped to make the gift...stepping stones. Not only that, he was picked to help hand out the stones to the retiring class. He handed out a few and when all the retirees had been honored, our son got to present one to the Bishop. I'm hoping to get a picture later this week and will post it when I get it.