Saturday, June 24, 2006


Lately, I've been getting a little nervous because I have this urge to clean and purge what we no longer need. A little nervous because that always precedes childbirth (I'm hoping this doesn't mean that it's coming quicker than we expect.) Anyway, while I've been packing away the summer clothes that I can't fit into now but hope to next year at this time, I think Jim's been nesting too.

Today was a big day in the McKay house. We had been looking for a new living room suite for a while now...and a couple of things have made our search a little more intentional. First of all, the Annual Conference is no longer providing furnished parsonages for their pastors so we'd have to get one sooner or later because the one we have now is the church's. Second, with the new baby coming we wanted something new and nice for him to sit on, be rocked in, etc., etc.

We went today with no intentions of buying, just looking around. To our fortune, we found a really nice set at a furniture outlet. I'm so excited that we found something of real quality for the price of a sofa at most other places. Jim found this one and I decided to sit on it to be sure that it felt nice, that I could take a nap on it and **most important** I could get off of it with little trouble. It was WONDERFUL!! Jim looks at me and says, "Wanta get it?"

The big question was will it look the same when it gets in the house? We were able to bring the throw pillows home with us and it looks great.

I'm so excited. So, now we have our, well my first living room suite (Jim had bought one for his apartment before we were married) that I have bought for the house. We will take the church's furniture to the church to be used as they see fit...perhaps in one of the Sunday school rooms.

Nesting continues in our home.