Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Today we woke up with scents of breakfast casserole in the air...and tuned in to NBC to watch the Macy's Day Parade....

So far we have seen the Big Bird big balloon, Elmo and friends. The Chicken Little balloon, many people singing new and Christmas songs.

We've seen Sponge Bob, and many others....I wonder if we'll see Spider Man this year?

The floats are some of my favorites, but I must admit there is definitely something about all of those people who hold the balloons to keep them from flying away. Horses, singers, performers and so many other entertainers are some of the staples of the Holiday parade.

And who could forget the bands?! This tradition of watching the parade has been one that I remember doing when I was Jake's age. We would watch the parade and in the middle travel to see my cousins at one of their houses for the big Thanksgiving dinner.

On the way to my cousin's house we would listen to the first of the Christmas music on the radio and anticipate seeing our family. It was a neat experience to be together with everyone during the holidays. We would arrive just in time to catch the end of the parade and the arrival of the guest of honor this day...Santa...with his arrival you always knew the Christmas season had officially started. This is the time of Thanksgiving each year that makes me emotional. Maybe it's because I'm truly a kid at heart. Maybe it's because Jake gets so excited when he sees Santa come down the street riding on a swan-like sleigh. Or maybe I'm just wishing for times past.

Thanksgiving is a time I remember with fondness...a joy and happiness that is only surpassed by Christmas. We would gather around a big table filled with food, family and friends and share what we were thankful for. There seemed to be less (unless I didn't pay attention to it) product placement and commercialism to the season and things seemed to be more authentic then.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you take time to spend with family and friends.

May we all be counting the great ways in which God has blessed our lives. And may we, during this upcoming Advent season, spend time with God in prayer and thanksgiving for all the gifts in our lives.