Saturday, November 12, 2005

Love Fall, Love My Yard, HATE the Leaves

We are so blessed to have a wonderful parsonage with a great back and front yard. The parsonage we lived in before had a very small front yard and a back yard that wasn't really conducive to playing. But this house has a nice sized front yard that is on a cul de sac and a fenced in large back yard where Jake can safely play.

The only issue...we have a HUGE pin oak tree in our back yard and a magnolia tree in the front yard. During the spring and summer these trees are wonderful...offering flowers and great shade on our deck in our back yard...and offering us a little bit of coolness in the summer heat.

But around this time of the year, I hate both of those trees...they're frustrating as they continue to lose leaves from sometimes mid to late October until after the first of the year. Raking, blowing and vacuuming up the leaves is not something that I enjoy seems like just when you think you might be done, the leaves pile up again.

But, I'll grin and bear it because I keep thinking of the spring and summer and the joy of being outside. Plus, I guess raking is good exercise, right?