Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Keep Your Eyes on the Soldiers

This week we are having a Vacation Bible School experience at our local park. Our church, along with 8 or so others are holding our joint Bible school at the park in hopes of attracting other children and families that might not have a church home. It's called Marketplace and simmilates what life might have been like at the time of Jesus. There are shops where the children can make things (like clay pots, jewelry, dreidels, etc.), there are tribal families where the children learn about Jewish traditions, there is Synagoge school where the children learn about Jewish traditions. And then there are the Roman Soldiers. When we were at home over the weekend we saw a float in the parade that had the three crosses and Roman Soldiers walking behind it. Jake then began to be leary of the soldiers as my mom made some comment about the soldiers killing Jesus. Jake took that statement into himself and is still leary about the soldiers to this day. Everytime they walked by he'd hide behind me and watch them the whole time. Things escalated a bit when we learned last night that Jesus had been Jake is really aware of the presence of the soldiers around us. We'll see if the rain and severe heat holds off tonight whether Jake will ever take his eyes off the soldiers or not.