Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy

Today was a big day in our house...we've known it was coming for a while now...especially when our oldest came home one day and proudly announced, "One of my teeth is loose." He was so excited because he's seen many of his school friends going around with big gaps in their mouths.

Over the past few weeks he's been wiggling and wiggling his tooth...wiggling it to the point that it was almost starting to gross me out. But it has been through this time that he's also come up with this rationale..."I know what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects. She gives them to babies like J (our 6 month old who's growing tooth buds himself)." It's cool to think that the Tooth Fairy practices recycling.

Well, tonight our oldest was wiggling his tooth...he goes, look I can bend it really far down...which really kinda grossed me out. I was out in the kitchen not too long after and he came out and said, "Hey mom...look at this." In his hand was his tooth.

It wasn't long later that he said, "Hey mom can I look in J's mouth? I want to see if the tooth is in there yet."

Then he realized he was still holding the tooth. "Ah, that's right we still have the tooth...the Tooth Fairy doesn't have it yet. Maybe he'll have his teeth tomorrow."

Actually J (our 6 month old) has 2 tooth buds coming in...don't know how we're going to explain that unless our 6 year old gets a loose tooth real quick.

Oh, and according to J, the going rate of teeth these days range from $1 - $15 each. I have know other children to get $20 per tooth. J got $1. When I was his age I only got a quarter...must be inflation.