Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Going to Work with Mom

Friday our oldest didn't have school because it was Kindergarten registration and they needed their room for the registration process. I guess I had forgotten about that because I had no idea that he didn't have school until he climbed in the car and proudly announced, "Oh mom, I don't have school tomorrow." He says this from time to time so I responded, "It's not a holiday and we didn't know about it before I think you do have school."

He kept insisting and I said, "If you didn't have school I think I would know...I think you have to go to school tomorrow." He goes, "Mom, look in my folder and see." Sure enough there was a note that Kindergarten didn't have school.

Because I hadn't prepared for him to be out and had a bunch of stuff to do at the office I took him with me. We have a preschool at the church and the teachers said he could come down and play with the 4 year old class which gave me time to do my work. So, he went downstairs to play.

When I was taking him to get some lunch the following conversation took place:

me: So, did you have fun today with the four year olds?

J: Yeah, it was pretty fun. They were out of control.

me: Oh really? What happened?

J: Well, at first I thought that maybe being with the four year olds was a bad idea...they were running around all crazy like. I thought maybe I should've gone in with the two year olds. Then when it came time for them to clean up, they didn't do listen...they didn't clean up at all. That's not what you're supposed to do."

Why is it that he's so concerned about cleaning at church but when I ask him to pick up his stuff at home he just looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language?