Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Tradition Number 10

One of our last Christmas traditions is a call or visit from Santa Claus. Two or three years ago Santa called us on the phone and chatted with our oldest. Last year, Santa took time out of his very busy night to come and see us and bring our son a gift. This year that tradition continued with Santa bringing gifts for both of the boys. Our five year old got a pirate that he really wanted Santa to bring, and our youngest got a teether that Santa just knew he needed (he's only 4 and a half months old and working on teeth already).

We took advantage of the situation with Santa and took a lot of pictures.

All of these traditions are something that I hope continue. I couldn't pick one tradition I like over others. I enjoy sharing the shows I grew up on with the guys and hope that these will become favorites for them throughout the years. Baking is something that I really enjoy and with help to decorate the cookies especially for Santa is a fun, fun thing to do. Decorating the tree and remembering times past and places we have visited makes me happy. And visits from Santa are really, really cool.

All of these things are family things we can do together and help us to build lasting memories. All make the holidays a very special time!