Friday, October 07, 2005

Great Night with Pauly

Tonight a few friends of mine and I went to see Pauly Shore at the Funny Bone here in Huntington.

I am a little reluctant to admit this, but I have been a great fan of Pauly since I don't know when. Could it be that I am stuck in the 80's? That's a definite possibility. I love Son in Law and the other movies of that time which gave Pauly his start. And since I'm a member of the MTV generation, it was neat to see someone that I kinda grew up with.

He was so fun-ny dude. I had a wonderful time! It was so great to spend the evening laughing at Pauly and some of his friends from his new show, Minding the Store. It was a great night.

Then after the show, Pauly stayed around to sign autographs and meet people. That's the first time I've been to the Comedy Club that the headliner stayed to do this. We couldn't take pictures during the show, but I snapped this one as Pauly was signing my photo of him. Check it out bud-dy. If he comes to a club near you, and you want to laugh til you hurt, I would highly recommend going, it's really a fun evening.


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