Sunday, October 30, 2005

For All the Saints - Thank You

Today we celebrated All Saints Day...remembering all those who have come before us in the faith who have made an impact on our lives. As some of the names were read off and we were asked to consider those who were saints in our lives, I remembered some of the people whose walks of faith made an impact on me.

I was reminded of my high school Sunday school teacher, Dale, who was such a great presence in a time when many of us need direction. He was one of the most biblically literate people I've ever known. A farmer by profession, his true vocation was serving the God he loved so much. He has gone on to be wit God, but will forever be a key element of my faith life. I thank God for sharing Dale with me and with all those he touched.

I also think of my grandmother who was spiritual and true in her life. I remember from one of my earliest memories how warm and welcoming her house always was. How she was such a great hostess to all of her children and grandchildren. But the key element I remember from our visits to her house was the picture of Jesus she had hanging by the door. This same picture hangs in our house today. I miss you, grandma, and look forward to seeing you again. You are a true part of who I am today.

There are living saints who are still revealing God to me in so many different ways. There's my family...each and every one of them teaches me more and more about faith and about God. Jake helps to remind me of the wonder and amazement of children...Jim teaches me about the love of God and dad teaches me the importance of a genuine and true mom teaches me the truth of making a joyful noise...there are so many others who have made me into the person I am today. Jim's mom has taught me to love and enjoy life to its fullest and think f life as an adventure. To all of these and many more family members who have made me who I am today I thank you all!

To Erv, Sissy, Marv, Jim W., Todd, Merv, and so many others that I have learned with and laughed with thank you for sharing your love of God with those you are called to serve. Thank you to those who I have had the privilege to serve my "girls" Mary and Linda a sister and good friend, and to the many others who have taught me more about myself and more about God through service all are the best!!

And finally to the homies that have known me for the longest, thank you for keeping me grounded in your love and reminding me of where I came from so that I can focus on where I'm going...thanks Mary, Michele, Becky, Diedre and all you others who knew me when. I love you guys!

Thank you God for all those who come into our lives...for a moment or for a lifetime...all those we encounter make an impact upon our lives and our souls and help us to learn more about you. Thank you!