Sunday, March 29, 2009

Events of this Weekend

Friday we had a concert by our boys. It was quite the show.

On Saturday, I had a BUSY day. It started out with giving blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive at our church. That experience went kinda weird, I started to feel quite dizzy and told the guy who had poked me and they got me fixed up eventually. After sitting for a while to feel better, I helped get things ready for the community dinner that our church was having. This dinner is held each year and is offered free to anyone wishing to come. I had to leave early from that for a wedding of a family friend. The wedding was held at a local theatre and was gorgeous! Congrats to the bride and groom. Here is a picture from their special day.

Today, the effects of my blood donation became VERY visible. I knew that guy hurt me when he took my blood. This is why I didn't want to give blood when I was in college. It'll get better but right now it hurts. But knowing that my donation could help save a life makes it worth it.