Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Little Help From a Friend

Today, the boys and I were on our way to the funeral home for a visitation. Because we're new to the area, I wasn't really sure where this particular funeral home was, but we set off to find it. We drove through the town and I didn't see it...we were on the outskirts of town and I thought, "OK, we can either drive around aimlessly and never find this place or we can stop and see where to go."

Just then I saw a WV State Police sign and an officer getting into or out of his car (he was sitting in it with his door open). We pulled up behind him and I asked him if he could tell me where it was. He said he thought he knew where it was and pointed the way. But he also asked another office just to be sure.

I didn't feel so bad since he wasn't sure and it was another lesson for the boys of the folks you can trust to take care of you. If we hadn't asked for directions, I don't think we would have gotten there.