Friday, July 27, 2007

Have It Your Way....NOT!

Tonight we went to see The Simpson's Movie. It was really good...just like watching the series had been back in "the day". As a follow up to the movie, we decided we would go to Burger King because they are having a big Simpson's promotion. We thought our oldest could maybe get a toy or two (I guess they talk) and we could kinda continue the theme of the night.

Now let me also add that I am not the biggest Burger King fan. Every once in a while I'll get in the mood for a Whopper, but as a rule I'd rather have Wendy's or even McDonald's before BK. I'm a big french fry person and theirs are kinda gross because they at least used to have batter on them. But I digress.

So, we order our food and got a kid's meal for our son. I looked to make sure there was a toy in the bag and take it to our table. When he pulled the toy bag out of the sack it was a little tiger thing. I'm like, "That's not going to work...let me get you a Simpson's toy." Thinking that maybe they were trying to get rid of these old toys.

When I took it up to the counter the people behind the counter said...yeah we have that or an otter. I'm like, "WHAT?!" There's Simpson stuff all over the place, the bag it came in is Simpson's, the paper that my sandwich came in has the Simpsons on it. I said, "He'd like a Simpson toy please."

The girl behind the counter said, "We don't have any." I was puzzled that on the day the movie opens they're either out or have yet to receive them...always holding out hope I said, "Oh, well will you have them next week?"

She says, "No, we won't get them at all...our regional manager didn't want to get the all we'll have is the endangered species toys."

Now I'm just aggravated...but not at the girl...I told her, "That's just dumb...I'm not upset with you...but tell your regional manager that that's just not even right. You'll have more than just us coming in for these toys and you all are going to get the brunt of peoples' anger."

She kinda grinned and said, "You know if you want to complain, just call the 1800 number and complain..." She actually told me this twice throughout our visit there...

So, apparently if you want BK Simpsons toys you have to drive quite a distance to get some...the 3 BKs around Huntington don't have any.