Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good Bye Audio A

Last week the group Audio Adrenaline played one of its last concerts in Charleston. After 15 years, the group is going their separate ways. And to end their time together are doing a type of farewell tour. Charleston was one of their last stops to say goodbye.

This news was a little saddening to me as Audio Adrenaline was the first concert that Jim and I went to when we were dating. They played in my hometown of Celina, Ohio which is something unusual in and of itself, but Will McGinniss' (guitar player) twin sister had set it up.The Lutheran church in town was having a youth rally and Audio A was just getting its big start after their hit Big House. It was an outdoor concert and it was really, really fun.

A few years later, when I was in seminary, I saw them again in Columbus and got to talk to them. I thanked them for coming to Celina...they not only remembered the concert but said it was one of the most fun concerts they had ever played.

If you've never heard them I encourage you to listen to a couple of my favorites...Big House, Hands and Feet, If You're Happy and You Know It (watch yourself on the head banging part), Don't Censor Me, and Never Going to Be As Big as Jesus. Their other songs are good too, but those are my favorites.

Farewell to a great band who carried the Gospel message to so many people.