Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Locusts are Singing

When I was little I remember every year around this time I'd hear the locusts begin singing. There eeee-rrrrrr-eeeee-rrrrr sounds would ring through the trees at night. The days would begin to get just a little cooler and nights would begin to come just a little sooner. We were beginning to enter fall.

I remember my mom telling me that when we heard the locusts sing it meant there were six weeks until school started. When I was little that used to thrill me...I missed many of my friends and seeing them occasionally over the summer at the pool or somewhere else just wasn't like seeing them every day. A new school year meant excitement, maybe new friends, new adventures. As I grew older that excitement stayed too...especially when I went to college.

The locusts singing meant that there were about 8 weeks until I traveled back to Ada and got to see my good friends that were separated from me by miles and various duties during the summer.

When I graduated and began teaching school, the locusts brought this feeling of sadness and a little anxiousness. Who would be in my classes this year? Would the classes be well behaved or would I have to play the role of disciplinarian more than instructor?

This year the locusts songs mean something new and exciting to me again. This fall will begin a new chapter in each of our lives...the baby will be here in less than 6 weeks...Jake starts school in about 7 weeks or so. So many different things are going to happen.

I thought back to my time as a child...the song of the locusts meant change and excitement...what would the future hold? This year that wonder and awe enters my heart again as I look forward to seeing this little one who I've carried since just before Christmas.

I have shared with Jake what the singing of the locusts means...fall is on its way. School is getting ready to is just around the corner.

I picture myself years from now telling our youngest..."You hear those sounds? It's the singing of the locusts...they mean that soon it'll be your'll be a year older...they're singing about your birthday a joyful song."

The locusts are singing....change is coming soon.