Monday, April 24, 2006

When You Least Expect It

Well, I figured it would happen this way. I had been looking around town for a time when I had my camera and I saw Matthew McConaughey. Saturday the film crew wrapped up filming here in Huntington with the annual Green and White game...a spring scrimmage of the MU Thundering Herd.

This year's game had a twist. Not only was the film crew going to be there doing arial shots and taping the crowd chanting "We Are Marshall" but it was a reunion of the 1996 championship team which includes among others Chad Pennington and Randy Moss. They were hoping to have 10,000 fan show up for the big game and 17,000+ were in attendance.

Another twist was that not only was the crew from the movie there but the cast was there as well. In fact, Matthew came out with the team when they walked through the crowd. I was looking around for Chad, Randy and any other familiar faces and didn't notice Matthew with Coach Snyder until Jim said, "Hey, there's Matthew."

Luckily I have my husband to help me find the sexiest man alive. Below is a picture he snapped of Matthew looking at the camera. He was only about 5 feet away from us and I had no clue.

When you least expect it...