Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shorty and His Friends

Last Thursday we had an interesting Common Grounds service. Common Grounds is our contemporary service held on Thursday evenings and includes a dinner with it. We thought that the service would help us reach the college students at Marshall, especially because of the meal. God has changed the focus of that service to include the homeless of our community. We have had several homeless people attend our service.

One gentleman has been coming for several weeks now and this Thursday he brought four or five of his friends with him. As they entered the social hall, he turned to his friends and said, "OK everyone, take your hats off...we're in the house of God."

One of his friends in particular caught my attention. He's a small, humble-looking fellow with rosy cheeks and a grey beard. He came in and began talking to one of my friends...she told me his name is Shorty and he lives in a tent by the river.

The group of men went and got themselves something to eat...we don't have a group prayer over the food but we have one later in the service. But Shorty folded his hands and prayed over his food, as did his friends.

There was just something about his good natured, happy self that caught my attention. This is truly what humbling ourselves for prayer must mean.

Thank you Shorty for coming and sharing your faith in such a great way! May God bless and protect you!!