Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hands Off!

I just got a phone call today from one of my seems as though when she was on vacation someone got into her house and took some stuff. This comes on the heels of someone (well, actually a group of people or small army) breaking into our church and stealing loads of stuff. In that break in they took 3 guitars (one of which was mine), a 27" TV, a VCR, DVD player, our maintenance man's tools, his computer, they tried to break into our pop machine but when it didn't open as they thought it should they broke the glass in the top then just left it. 'Course it was in their anger that they left their only fingerprint. They also took a boom box, some Veggie Tale videos and a cheeseburger with a pickle that they chiseled from a block in the freezer oh and who could forget the pea salad made for our Thursday night dinner. Then in the next few days proceeded to break into several other churches in the area.

So I'm just wondering, why can't people just keep their hands off of stuff that's not theirs? Why do they feel compelled to take what other people's not that things can't be replaced, but when you take computers and other things that have files that can not easily be replaced. Anyway, just wondering.